How do I accept Jesus into my heart?

How do I accept Jesus into my heart?  The Bible says that God loves you so much that He sent Jesus, His only Son, to take the blame for all your “sin” (your sin is the total of all the bad things you ever did or will ever do in your life)… so that you can be with God… in heaven… forever.  Believe it or not… It’s true!

This is what God is saying to you… “If you believe in me… and you believe that Jesus is my Son… and you want to accept him into your heart… I will forgive all your sin… and you will live with me in heaven… forever.  That is my gift to you… and I give it to you for believing me… and trusting me.”

If you want to accept this gift from God, then pray this prayer to Him right now:  “God… I believe that Jesus is your Son and I accept Him into my heart.  I trust you to forgive me of all my sin and I want to live with you in heaven forever.  Thank you for loving me.  Thank you for forgiving my sin.  Thank you for giving me life with you forever.  I pray to you and trust you in Jesus name.  Amen.”

What the bible says about this:

Romans 6:23
John 1:12
Romans 10:8-10

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